My first blog entry, excellent.

Hello, I am Jamie Bristoll of PHS Ltd, based in Tamworth & Lichfield, in the UK.

We sell a range of electrical heaters, mainly screwed & flanged immersion heaters and elements, but also air duct heaters, vat heaters, drum heaters and inline heaters.

Whilst the company has been going now for 22 years, I have only been involved for the past 18 months, having spent the previous 15 years teaching in primary, secondary and special schools.  I am learning the business from scratch, most of which is fairly dull, ordering, invoicing, deliveries in/out, etc.

The bit I am hoping will be useful and relevant for blogging purposes is the technical side of things.  I have already become aware, through my interactions with suppliers and customers, that this is a VERY specialist world, even down to the use of terminology.  What one customer calls an element, another calls an immersion heater.

I am hoping to be able to use my own learning process, by recording it in a series of blog entries, to give an overview of electrical heating, defining the relevant terminolgy, using images to illustrate where necessary, providing the relevant formulas for calculation purposes, to expand upon aspects of the design process, and eventually, to provide a repository for others to share their own specialist knowledge of the subject matter.

A big task indeed, but I like a challenge.  That’s why I had 2 kids! It’s probably also why I’m a Wolves fan, but we’ll avoid that subject for the moment.

Edit – October 2021

I am not going to delete this post, as it is a trip down memory lane, showing my wide eyed enthusiasm from all those years ago. Divorce means I am no longer with PHS, but thanks Tim for all that you taught me over the years. I am now 07897 246779, and would love to hear from any customers, old or new.


On the plus side, the Mighty Wolves had a good run in the intervening years. Glad I got to enjoy our European Adventure with my boy (Torino) & “The Boys” (Braga, in the Biblical Rain). Happy days.