Shop for 1.5″BSP Industrial Immersion Heaters

The domestic standard screwplug size here in the UK, 1.5″BSP Immersion Heaters are not our stock in trade, 2.25″BSP heaters are, but we can do 1.5″ to your exact specifications in a coupla weeks leadtime.

With a circumference of  150 mm and a diameter of 48mm, it is only possible to fit 3 x 8mm U bent elements and 2 stat pockets onto the screwplug, and thus it could be a Single or Three Phase immersion heater. It is not possible to loop the elements to reduce the watt density, as the resulting element bundle would not fit thru the hole.

With these inbuilt limitations, and a host of folks selling cheap, one element, massive watt density heaters online for peanuts, I often advise potential customers to go buy something cheap, not cos I want to live in a disposable society, but my stuff is heavy industrial gear which is not going to come cheap. It could cost 10 times as much as some of the heaters I have seen, but I cannot in all good faith tell you it will definitively last 10 times as long. Particularly when people are proving a theory or application, do it on the cheap, I would, cos I’m half Scottish, Half Jewish & half Yorkshireman. But live in Sunny Tammuff.

Full details and buying guide can be found on our webpage here.

Call Jamie on 07897 246 779 to discuss yout 1.5″BSP needs, so we can co-design the best heater for your application.