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Use 2.25″BSP weld bosses, as it is the industrial standard and more available off the shelf.

If you are one of that rarest of breeds, the Rich Brewer, you can go for DN80 or even DN125 hygenic connections, which allow you to remove the heater fairly quickly and easily for cleaning purposes. BlogPost to follow when time & life allows, but in the meantime, have a shufti here – Removeable Brewery Heaters

Heat rises, put the entry ports low, then it’ll agitate itself to a degree.

BONUS ITEM – if heaters are low in the vessel, you can switch them on as soon as they are covered with water, heating a small volume of water, which has gotta be a good idea and save a fair chunka time, no?

Don’t position the entry ports on the same level, as this will cause elements to clash in middle when inserted.

How not to do it – (2.5″, in the belly not the bottom, clashing like jousters)

A better job –

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